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Change Workshop

Brief description and Purpose

The purpose of this 2 day workshop is to give participants a knowledge and skill set to deal with the implementation of change in an organisation at an individual, team, project or organisational level, reducing the human angst and capturing business opportunities in the process.

This course is aimed at leadership, change practitioners, change facilitators and HR professionals and has been delivered up to and including Vice President level. This intensive workshop is designed for 8 to 15 participants. The workshop uses real live business examples gathered from the participants and is therefore an excellent use of time many live issues having been resolved on previous workshops.

Key Outcomes

On completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Engage leadership in a strategic conversations about change and highlight issues to be addressed
  • Recognise where individuals and teams are mentally during times of change and intervene to support them constructively
  • Coach those experiencing difficulties during change and help them see paths through it
  • Resolve a wide variety of business issues experienced during change using a robust toolkit of methodologies


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